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The Hidden Benefits In a Standing Desk That Nobody Tells You About

What's The Benefits of a Standing Desk?


Did you know in just 1 year an average person spends 67 total days sitting at their desk working? That is a whole 1608 hours out of the year sitting at a desk. That is not even the most shocking part. 64% of people report that working at a desk has strongly affected their long term health. So why do we not do anything about it? A doctor by the name of Doctor Levine has even said "Sitting is the new smoking" and that, sitting for a long period of time can make a detrimental impact on one's health and well being.

Standing desks are scientifically proven to work, studies all over the world have proven that standing desks improve blood flow, improve brain movement, prevents tiredness, back pains, wrist pains, neck pains, and overall mood, which again leads back to the question.... why don't everyone switch to a standing desk?

The Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Standing Can Help Reduce Back Pain

When you are in a seating position, it is very likely you slouch if you are not paying attention to it, which could lead to upper and lower back pains. With sitting extended periods of time you do not stretch out the bones in your back which leads to tensing up muscles.

While using a standing desk it is proven to reduce up to 54% of back pains in after just one month of use, because it engages all of your core and back muscles instead of sitting where all your muscles are relaxed.


Standing Can Improve Blood Flow 

When you are standing, your heart has to beat faster to move the blood throughout your body. When you are sitting your body does not have to work as hard to move blood throughout your body which could lead to slower blood flow. 

Researchers have found that people that stand more often are half as likely to have heart disease because of good blood flow, and heart movement.


Standing Desks Can Hugely Increase Productivity

Researchers have found that when you are sitting and working, people have a harder time completing their daily tasks, such as typing and focusing on the work in general. It also ties back to blood flow. With an increased blood flow, it also increases blood movement in the brain keeping you more focused, and the ability to stay on task.

With all that said it yet again leads back to the same question..."Why don't everyone just switch to a standing desk?" and only you can answer that question. Change has to start with 1 person, and it can be you. We strongly advise people to invest into a standing desk, because it would be a great first step into the right direction for improving your own well being. Don't just take it from me, do your research, and read it for yourself. Your body will thank you later. So why DOESN'T everyone switch to a standing desk.