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How To Unlock 100% Of Your Ergonomic Ability

Was I using a standing desk the right way?

After purchasing a standing desk, Working felt completely different. I went to work, and I was happy going to work the next day after that. I loved the movement and the just the change in my workspace. It made me feel like something big has changed in my life. It made me overall happier. My mood changed and I felt like I was given a positive chance at life. It was one of the best purchases, and I had no regrets on my purchase. It was truly a great piece of technology.

After a year and couple months after buying my desk, I noticed aches and pains I thought I have recovered from which was weird because the pains have gone away for such a long time. My neck started to feel pain, and the bottom of my feet. After a long day of work, I would not have the same energy I used to have, and that I was going back to feeling like the grumpy old man I used to be. 

The next chapter 

After going back to body aches and pains, It lead me back to the people telling me that before I bought my desk telling me "standing desks are a sham", "standing desks are such a rip off", "they wont do anything for you", which lead me back into thinking that they were right, and that I was duped by big companies and false claims. BUT I TOOK IT ALL BACK

After talking to the company I bought the desk from, they helped me out, and answered ALL THE QUESTIONS I HAD, and I want to fill everyone in on my finding to save everyone the troubles that I had!! 

The big reveal!

The first question they asked me was how I was enjoying my desk (which I loved because that meant they care about their customers). I told them that I loved my desk at but this was the problems I ran into. They first asked me if I had any other accessories besides my desk, and I told them no. 

They told me that a Monitor Mount would be another quick easy solution to some of my problems, and what a monitor mount could do for me. With a monitor mount suspending my screen from my desk. It lets my head and neck be in a more ergonomic position reducing the stress and pull on my neck muscles. With the function of monitor mount, I could adjust my monitor even more extensively than just my desk moving up and down which would help when my desk was in the lower or higher position. There were many different options to choose from while choosing monitor mounts, and I did not even know you could get a mount with 6 mounts on it!!

The second question they asked me was how I was sitting. At first it had me confused, because I have an office chair and I sit like every other person. What I was told was that there are actually TWO different types of chairs for a standing desk, and that there are ergonomic chairs made specifically for standing desks called Ergonomic Stand Chairs which I had no clue existed. What the chairs do is quite amazing I must say. The chair forces you to sit straight up with how the chair is designed keeping your back in a well postured position. Here is where the crazy part comes in. With the chair you are sitting while standing. Sounds weird right?! With how the chair is made your body is in control of balancing the chair which always has your muscles moving to keep balance making sure that your muscles are moving and never in a relaxed position which can lead to pains. They said that when the desk is in the standing position and you have already been standing for too long you can sit on one of these chairs which makes your brain feel like it is standing with the health effects of standing.

Another additional accessory they mentioned is a ergonomic mat which you can stand on. It is basically a memory foam mat which you can stand on which will help sooth the soles of your feet.

The Conclusion

I ended up buying all the products recommended to me after browsing what was the best suited for me, and let me tell you I have never been happier. I feel the difference in my body, and I am thankful for the company I bought the products from for all their help. They really have changed my life forever. 

I know it may sound corny, but you seriously have to try it out for yourself to feel the effects and your body will thank you.

I already know what you are thinking. "Wow those products are expensive, he must have spent a lot of money". Let me tell you that yes, for all the items it has a high price tag, but you have to factor that I bought them over time. I did not buy them all at time same time. If you are like me, dip your feet into the ergonomic world and try them out for yourself. If there is one thing you cannot put a price tag on it is your health! All of us only have one life, and what you do to your body can make all the difference.

If there is one thing I could let everyone take away from this is that, your body is your temple and the more you take care of it, the more it takes care of you. I said it before and I will say it again. You cannot put a price tag on your health. After being in the ergonomic world, it is WELL worth it, and I would strongly advise anyone out there to join.