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How Every Office Can Get Free Standing Desks

How To Change Your Office Space For The Better


You have gone and done all the research if why a standing desk is better for you in the office, but you need to convince you office that it is something that everyone truly needs. There are a couple easy steps to spread word in the office, to try and make sure everyone is on your side to convince the office to change to standing desks.


Let everyone know the facts 

If you let everybody know the facts that you have researched about a standing desk it will stick with them too. The more you talk about it, the more it will be in their head and tell themselves that they need it too.


Let your higher ups know it increases productivity

Every boss out there wants the most productive office. With all the office workers out there 65% of them say they do not have the right equipment for the job. That is 65% of people now working as effectively and productive as they can. If they can boost can find a product that will boost productivity through the roof, why would they not want to switch? More work would get done, people are happier in the office, and its a win win from both sides.


Let them know it is cost saving for the future

With good efficiency and productivity, work gets done faster. a study done by Boston Consulting found that with each employee with a standing desk they saved over $700 per year with an increase of productivity. It also boosts creativity, which leads to greater ideas which is also a good money saving tactic.

With all these simple ideas, making the switch could not be easier. Convincing the office to switch to standing desks will create an all new workplace and a whole different happier mood. Just remember all the health benefits you could be getting with a brand new office of standing desks.

The change starts with you.