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From Our Happy Customers

This is one heck of a desk!

Luxor 48" High Speed Crank Adjustable Desk

Great price when compared to other stand up desks. Glad that the handle can be used on either side of the table, and that it can be removed easily (just slides in and out) so you don't bump into it.  I like that it has extra holes on the bottom for mounting possibilities. Going to slide a piece of metal through one of the middle metal cover holes so I can bungee my CPU to the left leg. Also have a multi-monitor mount with 3 monitors on it (27 inch on bottom middle and 2 19 inches above it). Be sure to notice that the wheels only have 2 that lock, I didn't notice till after. Also watch out for the bottom edge of the table top (it's a sharp 90 degree angle) Over all I'm happy with this purchase :D


It has really changed my life

Innovative One-Touch Dual Ultra Sit-Stand Workstation

Had my eye on this products for the past 4 months and never pulled the trigger.

Saw it for a good price and decided that it was the time to finally purchase it.

I have never been happier. I work from home and started feeling the pains of sitting everyday. With one click of a button I can go from sitting to standing. I did not even have to buy a new desk! It just sits perfectly on top of my old desk.

Already recommended it to my friends.

David B.

I might even have to buy another desk and chair for my wife!

Backapp Smart

Bought the chair as part of the deal with the standing desk I ordered, and I got to say.


Don't get me wrong the desk is good too but with the chair, it works so well with my standing desk that I think it is the best office chair I have purchased.

At first I thought it was weird, but it slowly grew on me and the more and more I fell in love with it.

You just have to give it a try for yourself, and trust me that you will love it!


Very sturdy and works flawlessly

Innovative Dual Ella

Love the dual ella. It looks great on my desks, functions like it should, easy to set up and use, and the best part is I know it boosted my productivity.

I bought this product to mount both of my monitors so I can turn it to which direction I needed, and adjust as I please.

Works flawlessly, and works as intended.

I have used other mounts but nothing has been as sturdy as this one

Jen Aries

Awesome Standing Desk & Customer Service

Luxor 56" Pneumatic Adjustable Desk

Can't be beat! This desk has changed my life! Its easy to build and even easier to use! The pneumatic switch is what makes it a winner! So easy to move up and down on demand, truly hassle free. So much cheaper then other brands without sacrificing quality. The large surface area fits 2 monitors, speakers, keyboard, mouse and extras with ease. Couldn't be happier! Pick one up yourself!


Best Quarantine Purchase Ever

Luxor 3-stage Dual Motor Standing Desk

Right when our stay-at-home orders started in CA, I knew I needed a new desk. Other sit/stand desks didn't go as low as I needed them to for good ergonomic support. This one did and after having used it for several weeks, I absolutely love it. It feels and looks very solid, the construction and aesthetics are great. Motors work great together, no Read more about review stating Best Quarantine Purchase

wobble. Customer service was also amazing. Very minor changes I needed were shipped immediately and addressed to my full satisfaction with minimal effort on my part.


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